Dec 16, 2014

i've come home.

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Coming Home (part II) by Skylar Grey on Grooveshark

in truth, i haven’t changed. not much anyhow. maybe i’ll be lucky to claim being a half an inch taller than my mum, and my legs will be a bit toner from running to and fro, trying to beat the clock. maybe my skin’s stretched a bit, and my bones are a bit harder, and my sleep will be a bit sweeter. perhaps, i’m more comfortable being uncomfortable than i realize. maybe i can claim i’m braver being on my own, but i still feel at times like i’m being tossed about in a sea of people. maybe i’ll be able to say i’m a bit bolder and a little less lonely, but my voice still shakes in the crowd and i still chew on words that are left unsaid. my soul still shakes at the thought of change, even though the world has proved over and over it changes in the blink of an eye. maybe my hearts been left in a few more places and people than when i left. 

maybe i have changed, maybe i haven’t. 
but one thing hasn’t changed:
wherever my adventures take me, no matter how far or for how long, 
tell the world i’m coming home. 
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Aug 29, 2014

it's 5:31 in california, and i'm missing home.

 photo IMG_1887JPG_zps02ce3353.jpegthey said you'd feel it, after the excitement of adventure and the congratulatory remarks wore off: you'd feel it sewn into your spine when you smelled a certain scent on the breeze or noted the absence thereof. you'd feel it when you realized the crickets didn't sing to each other out the window at dusk. you'd feel it when the hills slipped away, replaced by endless miles of woods and foreign red ocean. 

the timepiece by my bed says 7:30, but in my mind it's 5:30 back in California and the sun is slanting through the lattice french doors, spilling august, honey-tinted light all over the dining room floors. the open windows are allowing a sweet breeze to let full reign through the house, while a dove's gentle cooing haunts the otherwise serene world out of doors. on the other side of the garage, heirloom tomatoes are warm and ripe under the age-old lilac tree. 

it's 5:31 back in California, 

and i'm missing home. 
postscript // a playlist pour vous that reminds me of home. 

Aug 25, 2014

birds of a feather flock together | in which the goose and the turkey {ie my twin sis gabby} finally meet

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Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It's splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.
// l. m. montgomery // 
 photo DSC_0001_zpsc64ea468.jpgthree years ago, by some great chance {though in my experience with these things, it's not so much Fate but by the incredible direction of our faithful Heavenly Father}, a Southern gal happened to click on my long lost crafting blog which then directed her to this little corner of the blogging world. she left a comment, and one thing led after another, and three years full of lettering, phone calls, late night instant chatting, a handful of Skype dates, and nicknaming each other after poultry {don't ask} later lead up to this one day: when the goose and the turkey finally met. 
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>> this girl. there's too much to say about her. she's probably one of the sweetest young ladies i know, and her tender, affable spirit is such an encouragement to so many. it isn't a wonder why fellows flock to her, why she's "miss extrodanaire" at the gypsy house, and i won't be surprised if in a few months, i hear word that she's the most popular girl at school. she's the epitome of southern hospitality and her laugh is kind of the cutest thing ever. but her smile is genuinely her loveliest feature, and you can't help but crack into a huge grin when you're around her. she's living proof of what a blessing the blogging world as a community can be. this is gabby. my Southern belle. my turkey girl. 
and it was an honor to meet her. 
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the afternoon flew by rather quickly, but was filled to the brim with many giggles, smiles, and pinching ourselves to make sure the dream was all real. we ate lunch at five guys and wandered about in a bookshop across the way. skipping over to the mall in alexandria, we wandered a bit more {in an intense search of a photo booth X)} and purchased two cutesy necklaces that all best friends must have. afterwards, we returned to the book shop where we settled down over chai lattes and chatted about sweet tea and southern accents. being in the heart of town, we dragged my parents all over the alexandria parish to find a pretty green spot {that wasn't someone's yard} to snap a few photos; and finally found a few places after traipsing about {another word for trespassing} all over the countryside. 

overall, it was a never-to-be-forgotten-day, and louisiana will always claim a piece of my heart.